Grid Guidelines

Welcome to Realms in Time. Our grid guidelines are as follows.

  1. No naked avatars.  All avatars must be clothed except in private sims where access is limited to age approriate avatars.
  2. No porn. Sorry.  This is a kid friendly grid and porn and acts of a sexual nature is not allowed.
  3. ABSOLUTELY no sex with child avatars.  This will result in getting your account deleted and your computer banned.   All files will be turned over to the proper authorities.
  4. No griefing of the grid or other avatars.
  5. No names that are of a sexual nature

Any criminal acts performed on this server or breaking of these guidelines will result in getting you account deleted, your computer blocked and all files will be turned over to the proper authorities.

Please remember that we want to have a fun place for everyone to hang out and you need to do your part to keep it fun.

Realms in Time reserves the right to add and change the guidelines at anytime.


Realms in Time

Flash Scratch to SL - Your Scripting Tool

Script ImageNeed to write a LSL script and don't know how to script?  I know I hate trying to get my head around LSLS when I an in a time crunch. So why not give Flash Scratch a try! Its a great tool for learning and scoding your own scripts for Second Life without having to pay someone to do it and without a crash course in LSL

A Huge thanks to John Bennet of ATLAS Institute at University of Colorado and Eric Rosenbaum at MIT for writing Scratch for SL to begin with.

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