We're Up and Running!

Aloha Welcome AreaThank you for visiting Realms in Time!  We offer 3D virtual world without costing you a lot.  All content uploading for now is free.

Anyway the grid is up and running and for now I am trying to get the website hooked up to the grid so you can create your own account and manage it within the website.


I also have Vivox installed so we do have in world voice available.

There are also a few other bugs that I am still working out and I am hoping to start adding content to not only the grid but to the website.

Anyway....watch this space for more updates and keep an eye on the grid online indicator....when it shows online then users can create their accounts and I will post login addresses.

Again...thanks for the visit and I hope to see you in-world soon!


Flash Scratch to SL - Your Scripting Tool

Script ImageNeed to write a LSL script and don't know how to script?  I know I hate trying to get my head around LSLS when I an in a time crunch. So why not give Flash Scratch a try! Its a great tool for learning and scoding your own scripts for Second Life without having to pay someone to do it and without a crash course in LSL

A Huge thanks to John Bennet of ATLAS Institute at University of Colorado and Eric Rosenbaum at MIT for writing Scratch for SL to begin with.

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